Use of Accounts

Use of Accounts

The Rattler Card enables students to access three separate accounts: Rattler Bucks, Meal Plan and Flex Bucks. Each account must be funded prior to use and has unique rules for acceptance and the roll over of funds (see the summary chart below).

Rattler Bucks :
Rattler Bucks is a prepaid spending account offering a safe and convenient way to make purchases on and off campus. It is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash. You or your parents must make a deposit to Rattler Bucksprior to using it for purchases. Value in Rattler Bucks rolls over every semester and year for as long as you are a member of the Florida A&M University Community.

Meal Plan:
Students who purchase a Meal Plan may eat in the main Cafeteria or the Cafe To Go located at the Student Service Center. Meals eaten in the Cafeteria are "Unlimited/All You Can Eat". This means that once you have swiped in, you can eat as much as you want.

Note: Meal Plan swipes can only be used by the Cardholder/Purchaser. Students cannot loan/give their card to another student. Violators risk loss of Meal Plan and all paid amounts.

Flex Dollars:
All students with a meal plan have meal access at the Dining Hall plus Flex Dollars for use at the Food Court, Pizza Express, Wing Stop, Starbucks, Rattler's Nest, Rattler Grill, Tropical Smoothie, Chick Fil-A, Chef's Table/Pablano's/Fusion and College of Engineering Snack Bar each semester. Flex Dollars are included on your board plan and must be used during the semester in which they are purchased. Unlike Rattler Bucks, Flex Dollars do not roll over from semester-to-semester or year-to-year. To learn more about Student Dining, click here.