Faculty and Staff Information

For Faculty/Staff

The Rattler Card is the official identification card of Florida A&M University. It is issued to all members of the University Community and is required for identification and access to essential campus services. It also offers a convenient account for making purchases on and off campus. Faculty/Staff are issued a Rattler Card during the first two days of employment and are responsible for keeping their card for the duration of their time at Florida A&M University.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plans:

FAMU Campus Dining offers our faculty and staff great cuisine for an excellent value. You may use more than one meal at a time on the Faculty and Staff meal plan. These plans do not expire, are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Faculty and Staff meal plans are payroll deductible. Employees have an option of one or two deductions per plan. You may not add an additional plan until your existing plan is paid in full. For more information about cost, use and available locations, please visit www.metzfamu.com.

How to Add Value to Your Rattler Bucks Account:

Rattler Bucks is a prepaid spending account on your Rattler Card offering a convenient and secure way to make purchases on and around campus. You must make a deposit to your Rattler Bucks account before using it for purchases.

It's easy to Add Value to your Rattler Bucks account with a debit/credit card, cash or money order - via web, phone or mail.